Rethinking Prosperity: Communication for Sustainable Societies

How will we respond to the convergence of historic changes upon us? Our generation faces global pressures on food, water and a stable climate, along with growing inequality and fading dreams of a good life. How can we rethink old economic models that compound these problems? Our learning community is dedicated to searching for promising ideas, finding practices that work, and developing communication models to help different audiences, from citizens to policymakers, better understand these challenges and take effective action.

Rethinking Prosperity is a research, learning, and civic engagement program to re-imagine, re-tool, and communicate new visions of prosperity in a changing world. Our approach includes original research, new learning opportunities, and convening stakeholders. Bridging the classroom, research center, and civic arena, we seek new strategies for communicating economic, environmental and social policies that work better, for more people.

student blog logoThe Center for Communication & Civic Engagement (CCCE) at the University of Washington, Seattle is uniquely positioned to integrate the core elements of learning, research, and public service that define this program. Our faculty, student, and community teams, led by CCCE Director Lance Bennett, have the expertise to communicate new ideas effectively, and our network of advisors and fellows ground and inform our work. These partnerships and projects, from local to international, aim to build civic capacity and create a new generation of change agents.

Program Features:

  • Researching new models of prosperity, sustainability, & human well-being
  • Curating real world cases that embody creative solutions
  • Understanding political strategies for change
  • Learning how organizations are embracing new values and goals
  • Improving current measures of economic and political success
  • Creating learning experiences built around these features
  • Developing communication strategies that reach citizens and policy makers