A research colloquium with Risto Kunelius.

Tuesday March 1, 4:30-6:00

CMU 126

Risto Kunelius is Research Director and Professor, Media and Communication, University of Helsinki. He studies the role of journalism in shaping public discourse, with particular focus on contentious issues including press freedom, online privacy, and the climate crisis. For over a decade, he has headed up the research group MediaClimate, an international comparative research project on news coverage of the UN climate summit and the IPCC reports. He also leads projects on the emergence and impact of niche climate news sites and on the role of youth climate activists in shaping climate discourse.

During this colloquium Risto will discuss some of his recent research on the climate crisis, journalism, and activism. And drawing on his expertise leading international research teams over the course of his career, Risto will also discuss the process of research more generally, including how to go from an idea or interest to a research question, what to do when you have too much data, how to know where to begin and when you are done.