Please join the Center for Journalism, Media and Democracy on October 12th from 4-6 pm for a celebration of two newly released books by co-directors Matthew Powers and Adrienne Russell. After brief remarks from each author, we will enjoy drinks, snacks, and conversation.

Powers’ book, The Journalist’s Predicament, co-authored with Professor Sandra Vera-Zambrano, examines why anyone would bother pursuing a career in journalism given the profession’s ongoing upheavals. An in-depth story of one profession under pressure, it also uncovers tensions confronting other socially important jobs like teaching, nursing, and caretaking.

Russell’s book The Mediated Climate explores where the climate and information crises meet, where journalism, activism, and Big Tech shape public discourse. The book makes a strong case that efforts to address fossil fuel pollution without addressing communication pollution will continue to limp along. It highlights environmental and social problems and maps new ways to drive change.

This in-person event will be held at the Communications Building (CMU), Room 126.